Raja ji Puram Lko

Presently there are 30 rooms in the campus of RPMDC. Area covered by each and every room is 30 x 35 Square feet. Each room has proper light, fan, and furniture’s with the seats capacity of 80 students. Our multipurpose hall area 50*65 Square meter with the seats capacity of 200 students. Our principal room and staff room covered the area of 20*25 Square meter  college have it’s own generator and Bus and water cooler etc.

Para Road Lko
Administrative Block - 10 rooms area 20x25 squft. with attach toilet and bathroom.
Academice Block - 15 rooms 26x39 squt.area.multipurpase hall 26x80 squft..
Psycho Lab - 30x30
ET Lab - 30x30 Simple toilets for boys & Girls
Science Lab -30x30



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